It can be frustrating to try and save money on your utilities, only to notice that your bathroom is costing you a lot more money than anticipated due to water usage. Whether your main goal is to save money or to make your home more environmentally friendly with less water usage, it's a smart idea to explore the diverse ways that you can cut down on water use at home.

Before hiring a plumber to make changes to your bathroom, consider the following projects and what suits your needs best.

Address Any Unnecessary Water Usage

While your bathroom fixtures could be using more water than desired, sometimes the issue is even more obvious. Regardless of the age of your bathroom fixtures, there's always the chance that something has broken and needs repairs or maintenance. It can be difficult to diagnose whether a specific fixture in your bathroom needs immediate replacement.

Whether a toilet has been dripping water from the tank into the bowl or there is a leak from behind one of the fixtures, such as the tub or sink, it's vital that a plumber make repairs right away. With immediate repairs taken care of, you'll notice that your water bills begin to drop down.

Replace the Toilet with a Dual Flush Model

Using a full flush for your toilet isn't always necessary; it actually leads to you using a lot more water than needed. With 1.6 gallons of water being used for a standard toilet to flush, it's no surprise that flushing can be a major waste of water.

Dual flush toilets that are labeled as a WaterSense model, the U.S. EPA program labeling, can cut down water usage between 20 and 60 percent. This can greatly reduce the usage of water in your bathroom and can still allow you to get a powerful flush when needed.

Look for Low Flow Shower Heads

As much as you might enjoy taking long showers, this habit can quickly lead to a lot more water being used then desired. This can be frustrating when you're trying to reduce the cost of your utilities. Instead of using more water than desired, you can look for low flow shower heads.

Replacing a shower head on your own can be difficult due to the tools and strength needed to remove the existing shower head. Because of this, it is best to have it replaced by a plumber. With the variety of newer shower heads on the market, you can still enjoy a powerful stream in the shower with a drastic cut in the water being used.

Consider Replacing the Water Heater

Leaving the water running in the shower, bathtub, or sink for an extended period is often due to waiting for the water to warm up. If you've noticed that you're waiting a long time just for the water to warm up to the point where it's comfortable, it could be a sign that you need a new water heater.

With all the new options for water heaters, including tankless models, you can have a plumber install a new heater and enjoy being able to use your water more comfortably. This can lead to a lot of savings on your water bill since you won't be wasting nearly as much water.

Cutting down on water usage at home can be a lengthy process, especially when you're unsure of how to go about the whole ordeal. If you're eager to make your bathroom more environmentally friendly with less water usage, the above projects can all be implemented and make a significant difference in how comfortable your bathroom is.

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