Hot water heaters are often out of sight and out of mind, until they begin to fail. If this happens, call our plumbing contractor right away. Don’t be caught in a frigid shower!
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Hot Water Heater Services

For decades, our plumbing contractor has been servicing hot water heaters. We handle the following:

Hot Water Heater Repair

Your hot water heater is easy to take for granted. We typically do not think twice about warm showers and instant warm water out of the faucets. A cold shower in the middle of winter is quite inconvenient. At the first sign of a problem, give our plumbing contractor a call.

When we turn our showers and baths on, we know exactly where to turn the handle to get the level of warmth we desire in the water. If your typical setting is not feeling as hot as it used to, your hot water heater may be beginning to fail. If when you first turn on your hot water it comes out brown, you may have a rust problem in your hot water heater. Water flowing through the heater can leave sediment deposits that build up. But sometimes, a glass jacket inside of the heater that keeps water from touching the metal fails. Over time, the exposed metal can rust and cause a leak. If you see rust in your water, call us right away for an inspection. Do not take any chances drinking tainted water. We do not charge a service fee, so pick up the phone if you have questions or concerns. Some signs of hot water heater failure require urgent care. If you are experiencing the smell of gas or a boiling sound, contact us right away. These issues can lead to explosions, severe injury and even death. Call our 24-hour emergency line as soon as you suspect a problem. We are on standby day or night, so don’t wait to act!

Hot Water Heater Installation

Many times, an issue with a hot water heater can be repaired quickly. When it can’t, you will need a new heater installed. Some homeowners try to tackle a hot water heater project on their own, but they end up calling us to complete the job. Whenever you combine electrical and plumbing work, it is best for your own safety to hire a veteran plumber. We are able to install both gas and electric products to the specifications of the manufacturer. When purchasing a product, keep in mind how many people live in your household, how many bathrooms you have and how much space you have for the heater. Many people buy a hot water heater on the “bigger is better” principle, only to discover that it will never fit in their home. Be sure to measure before you buy.

Tankless water heaters have become more popular because they are more energy efficient and offer unlimited hot water. They take up less space than a traditional appliance, but they use more electrical current. We recommend discussing your options with us before you make a purchase. If you need repair, or are thinking about replacing your current hot water heater with a traditional or tankless model, call our expert plumbers today!
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